About Vennadent


Vennadent look at the human body as a whole, and try to see connections between oral health and other possible general health issues. Our Team will always do our best to meet all your needs regarding your oral health as well as other wishes related to your smile, esthetics etc.

Dentistry is in constant development, and we are keeping us constantly updated so you can get the best possible care available out there. Vennadent work with high-end technologies and modern equipment and our dentists&staff form a distinguished team of dental experts.

Multi-specialty practices like ours are the proper environment for patients to receive coordinated and skillful treatment, especially for the patients with Odontofobia (fear of dentistry and of receiving dental care) Vennadent will do everything so they feel safe at our clinic. After all, Vennadent is treating people, not just their teeth!


  • Check up (examination) and cleaning with airflow (high pressure sodiumpowderedater) 
  • Treatment of Odontofobia 
  • Mouthguards- for treating TMD (temporomandibular joint disfunction) 
  • Mouthguards – also for decreasing snoring 
  • Bleaching appliances 
  • White fillings 
  • Aesthetic treatments 
  • Extractions 
  • Implant treatment 
  • Crowns , Bridges, Veneers 
  • Cerec – crowns that you can get on the same day with no temporaries required 
  • Invisalign – orthodontic treatment without traditional orthodontic braces 
  • Laser – used for soft tissue and gums recontouring 
  • Digital x-ray – For patients safety, comfort, accuracy, we use a low radiation digitalrays. 
  • OPG – Panorama røntgen 
  • HELFO (National HealthInsurance) will therefore cover a part of the expenses for the treatment if you fit their creteria.

Ivana Karadzic


As a dentist with 10+ years of experience who has a PhD degree in Pediatric Dentistry and as a member of Norwegian Dental Association, Ivana started to work at Vennadent clinic in April 2017. With a passion for dentistry and compassionate responsibility, Dr. Ivana is famous for providing exceptional patient care with focus on their health, comfort and aesthetic beauty.

Dedicated to education and latest dental trends, each year Dr. Ivana follow conferences across the EU and Asia in order to provide her patients with the best possible care in dental caring environment.

Srdjan Cizmovic


Srdjan Cizmovic is coming from Montenegro and has his degree in Dentistry from University in Belgrade from 2009.  Dentist with 12+ years of experience, and just last 9 years of his experience were as one of the head dentist in Tannhelse Rogaland.

Srdjan is understanding person that work very efficiently in order to exceed his patients’ expectations and to provide everyone with exceptional care in a positive atmosphere. He holds membership with Den Norske Tannlegeforening.

Nadine Spelinski

Dental Nurse

Nadine started at our clinic April 2010. She finished her education in Germany and has been working as a Dental Nurse since 2004. She is the one who will assist you as soon as you visit our clinic and greet you with a big smile when you arrive. Finding solutions for our patients? Problem with Booking? Issue with finding the place? Just call Nadine, our great valued colleague and member of Vennadent Dream Team.

Slobodan Karadzic

Dental Assistent

As our newest member and head assistent at Vennadent, Slobodan started at our clinic in September 2017. He is a devoted assistant that works fast and productive. Mr. Slobodan prides himself in spending time listening our patients issues and providing an valuable advice, so patients will always feel safe in our dental chair. Mr. Slobodan has an amazing sense of humor and positive influence toward our patients.

Ine Eltervåg Stangeland


You can find her at the reception or on the phone. She is a kind and positive young lady, that will assist you with booking of appointments or just to make small conversation while you are waiting.